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Lemon Yellow LLP off to a Great Start on Clutch!

Websites and applications are key to attracting customers; they provide a sense of formality and business legitimacy that makes paying customers out of casual visitors.

As such, UI UX design has taken on its own art form. In some spaces, it might even be considered a science with the amount of research and data backing every choice of color and typeface. The placement of various visual elements are all meticulously considered to ultimately make a website or an application appealing and navigable.

We at Lemon Yellow are well-versed at tackling the many details and considerations that go into design. By prioritizing strategy, our team is able to draw out your goals and your market to come up with a plan that best serves your business’s competitive advantage. 

Our expertise in UI UX design enables us to tailor unique experiences for your customers so that you could create your impact in a cutthroat digital environment. We’ve equipped ourselves with top-of-the-line tech, too, so that each piece we build is modern, future-proof, and puts you ahead of the pack. 

Numerous clients have enjoyed our next-level services, but one in particular has helped us gain our footing on Clutch, an independent B2B market research platform, by leaving us our first ever review!

For this project, we redesigned the UI/UX of a marine tech company’s website. Our team worked closely with the client to ensure that the proposed designs and creative concepts would be well-aligned with their vision and brand identity.

Lemon Yellow recognizes the importance of orienting one’s design with the target audience, so though we’re not experts in the field of marine technology, we dove deep to discover who our client’s customers were and what they would possibly look for in a website. 

Definitely the outcome is very good. Our digital presence has improved drastically. There is a slow but sure conversion of our customers as well.

— Managing Director, PiscesER1 Marine Infotech Private Limited

This breakthrough has effectively set the stage for us at Clutch as well as on its sister site, The Manifest, where we stand out in the 10th place out of the 90 top graphic designers in Mumbai!

We regard this newfound success with deep gratitude, especially towards our clients who’ve entrusted us with their business’s future!

Tell us about your project next! At Lemon Yellow, we love a good challenge!

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