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Journey From An Engineer To A UI/UX Designer

“Toh Aaiye aaj aapko ek aur Engineer ki kahani sunate hai, usi ki jubani.” Hi! I am Ayushi Khandelwal, and now you can call me a UI/UX designer.

Isn’t it a proud moment to add a tag on to your profile of something, which you always wanted to become?

Let me tell you the story of my Engineering world.

I was a quiet & obedient girl, pursuing Engineering with the thought, “Chalo yar engineering kar hi lete hai, aur phir explore karke kuch mil hi jayega.”

So, I opted for Computer Science Engineering, and entered the world of coding, programming, and hacking through which IT companies are running. Fortunately, in my last semester I landed up an internship at ISRO (Regional Remote Sensing Center). It was a huge opportunity for me to grow.

When I was working there on my project, along with my project partner, we got stuck on a problem wherein we had to decide the placement of a button, styling for the application, so that it would be easily accessible to the user and look beautiful.

So I googled it and there I got to know about UI/UX design. And this field looked interesting to me, interesting enough that I would like to pursue a career in. So I started to research about it – the scope, how to do it and many more such questions. I also considered taking advice about this career option from my friends. Luckily, one day I came across a course for UI/UX design and I decided to pursue it. While doing the course, there were multiple thoughts in my mind that questioned if I am taking the correct steps in regard to my future career.

Post completion of my course I started searching for a job, then finally within 1 month of completion of this course I was able to crack an interview in a startup company for the position of UX Analyst. And guess what? The destination of the journey is very beautiful and satisfying.

I’d like to close this blog with a quote by Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam, “Some days my progress may be very small, but it is still better than nothing.

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