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A Writer’s Checklist

A Writer’s Checklist

As a very young writer I did not know how important certain things are. I always felt whatever I wrote on the first go was error less and perfect as it was my subconscious mind writing with all pure thoughts. But now when I look back and read my piece of work, it was not up to the mark. Now, with my Mass Media education and a better understanding of writing,  I realized as a writer it is very crucial to mark a few things on a checklist ‘A Writer’s Checklist’. Just how you have a checklist while going on a vacation or a trip, there is a list while writing.

So, let me take you through a few important terms which you need to incorporate in your writing routine. These terms will take your writings from average to maximum. The moment you complete your piece, just go through the list and tick it once you are done with a particular task.

The Checklist:

  • Simplicity
    The quality of being creative and understandable.
    Your writings will be a hit when your readers understand what you want to convey. Your language should be powerful but with the same time understandable. Writers often forget the essence of simplicity and use heavy vocabulary to showcase their knowledge but let me tell you simplicity can change your writing game.

  • Tone
    Define your tone according to your target audience.
    Remember, you are writing for your audience. You need to understand which tone will suit the best when it comes to a particular target audience. For instance, if you are writing for youth you cannot use formal or serious tone, it will just not appeal to them. Wherein that particular tone is best for businessmen and professionals. Choosing a right tone will enrich your writing even more.

  • Grammar

    Give a structure to your language.
    Grammar is the most important thing when it comes to language and writing. More than your vocabulary your grammar must be strong. Grammar helps you to give a structure to your sentences and eventually gives a structure to your piece of writing. Your job is half done once your grammar is right.

  • Proofread 

    Check and edit your piece of work at least 10 times.
    You cannot let go proofreading, it is a must if you are a writer. It often happens in a flow of writing you can make a lot of errors may it be grammar or spelling. Going through the piece of writing 5 to 10 times will help you cancel out all the errors you made in the first place. Proofreading gives you a sense that how can you better your writings.

  • Deadline 

    Date by which your piece of work must be completed.
    Just like any other profession, a writer has to follow certain deadlines and make sure their part of the work is done. Here is a trick which cab be followed, set your own deadline let’s say a week prior than the actual deadline. Then divide the words in those days, for instance 500 words per day and make sure you complete those words and proofread them that day itself. It will make your work simpler.

    I highly recommend making this checklist for yourself every time you start working on new a write up. And it is always satisfactory to mark a tick on the list the minute you are done with it. Once you get all the check boxes tick, you will see a significant difference in your writing, an improved one.

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