You are currently viewing 7 lessons you can learn from children as UI/UX designers

7 lessons you can learn from children as UI/UX designers

Children always fascinate me! I will suggest you observe a child daily and you will become a better UI/UX designer. Their zest for life, their happiness, their smile, and their ability to adapt to change with

We, as UI/UX designers, have so much to learn from them; in fact, we should all go back to being a little more like children! This children’s day, let’s look at 6 things that we can learn from them.

  1. Get excited.

Have you guys seen a child – they are always full of energy! They get excited by any damm thing! New toy, Ferris Wheel, cotton candy or even a balloon! We designers need that level of excitement when we are about to start our new UI/UX project! 

  1. Be curious.

Every time we stop our sense of curiosity, we die a little inside. Be curious about learning new things, discovering new trends. Curiosity will lead you to self-fulfillment and keep you with the time!

  1. Express yourself freely.

More often, UI/UX designers don’t speak freely. We’re afraid of our words being rejected or of what other people will say. And when we always say what our clients want to hear, we don’t feel good inside. Free yourself by expressing yourself sincerely, as a child would!

  1. Ask questions.

Ask a lot of questions, especially without being afraid or embarrassed. As UI/UX designers, we need a lot of answers! Ask questions – to users, business owners, product managers, developers, everyone! It doesn’t make you look stupid. It shows a desire to learn.

  1. Be courageous. Experiment.

Have you ever seen a child fall without getting up? Don’t worry too much about – what if it doesn’t work? Try it with users, if you fail, rise up again. Do it all over again. You won’t learn a bicycle without falling from it. Fall down so you can get up again! It will be okay!

  1. Laugh more, especially when you fail.

Children have the beautiful ability to find joy all around them. They laugh at anything and everything! Enjoy the little things, smile to welcome a new day, and add a little humor to your routine.

  1. Be in the present.

Children don’t mull over the past or worry about the future. They are always in the present moment. We, as designers, can practice that level of mindfulness while designing. The outcome is going to be nothing short of amazing.